Minister of Education approves new formation of MU editorial board members

The minister of education (Council Rector of MU) approved the new formation of editorial board members of MU periodicals for two years.

The vice-rector for graduate studies and scientific research (Editor-in-chief), Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih, extended his thanks to the minister and MU rector, Dr. Al-Muqren for his directives and follow-up.

The new formation are as follow:

  1. Dr. Ahmed Al-Rumaih - Editor-in-chief
  2. Dr. Huda Al-Barrak – managing director
  3. Prof. Abdelrahman Al-Sabt – member
  4. Prof. Rashid Al-Thunayan – member
  5. Prof. Abdullah Al-Harbi – member

MU periodical publishes research and studies featuring knowledge in humanities and administrative studies. Research should not exceed (70) pages.

Last modified
Sunday, 28/March/2021