Business Administration Department

Department of Business Administration The Department of Business Administration at the college of Sciences and Humanities in Hawtat Sudair was established in 1431 following the establishment of the university. It is considered one of the most important departments that remarkably contribute to serve the University's educational, community, and research objectives. The Department seeks to meet the ever-growing needs for qualified calibers of graduates with high competitive capabilities and are dedicated to contributing to the development and prosperity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and private and public institutes. In order to develop the Department academically, a new study plan has been approved and developed in line with the latest scientific and practical developments in the area of specialization. In addition to the Human Resources Management and Financial Management majors, two new majors have been added to fulfill the labor market requirements; Marketing and Information Management Systems. Students can join these fields after passing the first six levels successfully according to the old plan, or after passing the first four levels according to the new plan. The Department has a distinguished faculty members who are working hand in hand to promote the department academically and administratively in attempt to obtain internal and external accreditation for its programs.