Student activity supports the educational process. In fact it is an integral part of it and cannot be overlooked. Theoretical and field studies have indicated its importance in stimulating the talents of students, developing their abilities, widening their perceptions, and training them to be responsible and dependence on themselves. It also instills in them values, principles, and good morals and make them more active.


Goals of student activity:

  1. Building the student's integrated personality based on our Islamic values and translating them into actions and behavior.
  2. Utilizing the student's spare time in developing his knowledge, diversifying his experiences, and activating his mental abilities.
  3. Discovering the student's skills and talents, developing them and directing them in the right direction to serve the society.
  4. Making the course materials easy to understand through practical and scientific practice of it
  5. Consolidating social values such as cooperation, fair competition, team work, public service, and others.
  6. Respecting workers and appreciating the value of work.