Cultures Exhibition:

A group of students from the English Department, in cooperation with Community Service and under the supervision of Ms. Ghada Al-Siddiq, presented a set of different cultures. The presentation included written and visual information about clothing, food, and educational art paintings for each country separately.

  English Department Activity:

A group of students from the English Department gave a presentation on how smart device programs can be useful in improving the English language.The presentation included an explanation of ways to activate such programs and take advantage of modern technology in language development. The presentation also included a reading corner and many specialized educational books.


Educational boards:

under the supervision of Dr. Ihsan, students prepared some educational boards featuring several topics in English

Training courses and workshops:

Faculty members at the Department of English has conducted many courses and workshops that will develop students’ knowledge, support their talents, and encourage those wishing to learn the language easily. The courses included English in travel and how to prepare for final exams.