Message from the Head of Department


قسم الدراسات الإسلامية


Welcome to the website of the Department of Contemporary Islamic Studies.

In a nutshell, the Department of Islamic Studies at the College of Science in Hawtat Sudair was established in 1423 AH for female campus and in 1434 AH for male campus. Since its establishment, the department's vision and mission have always been in alignment with the university's third strategic vision which is based on Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.

The department offers different degrees in Islamic studies including the Holy Qur’an and its sciences, the Noble Hadith and its sciences, Aqeeda, jurisprudence and its origins, Islamic preaching and culture, and the Arabic language. Adopting an excellent educational plan, the department has competent faculty members who are committed to serving students and the community. 

I hope you will find this page useful, wishing you success in your future endeavors. For suggestions, please reach us via the official contact details. 

Dr. Yasser Al-Shubrumi

Head of the Department of Contemporary Islamic Studies