Maintain excellence and quality in teaching basic science and humanities 


To provide educational programs capable of qualifying graduates to learn and innovate. 

1- Improving and developing academic programs in the college departments by recruiting competencies that meet the academic programs’ need

2- Supporting departments to provide their services and help students to gain knowledge and skills that allow them to engage in the market.

3- Follow up the progress of the educational process in the academic departments to ensures the continuous implementation of high standards of quality and strive to achieve academic accreditation.

4- Students have a greater opportunity to understand, comprehend and assimilate the rules and regulations in their academic departments. 

5- Activating the role of the student’s academic advisor and monitoring students academically until their graduation,

The Academic Advising Unit follows up underachieving students and trying to find equitable solutions to their situations to overcome the causes of their low academic performance, in coordination with their academic departments.

6- Introducing students all issues related to:

* Cumulative GPA.

* Warning 

* withdrawing from a semester or course.

7- Developing and diversifying evaluation mechanisms of academic courses (such as: scientific presentations, reports, scientific papers and discussion panels, surprise tests) and unifying these mechanisms to bridge the gap between the departments which will help students to participate and engage in the educational process.

8- Developing the study plans for the departments by creating a kind of harmony between what is proposed in the college departments at the university and their counterparts, which might increases the opportunity for them to compete in the labor market.