Message from the Head of Department


قسم الدرسات الإسلامية

We welcome you to the page of the Department of Contemporary Islamic Studies.

In a nutshell, the Department of Islamic Studies at the College of Science in Hawtat Sudair was established in 1423 AH at the lady campus, followed by the boy’s department 1434 AH. Since it was founded, the department has been operating in the university’s third strategic vision which is motivated by the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

The department teaches different specializations of Islamic studies such as the Noble Qur’an and its sciences, Hadith and its sciences, doctrine ‘Aqidah’, jurisprudence and its essences, Islamic culture and Dawa’a, and the Arabic language.

The department also has a group of excellent faculty members who are highly qualified and are willing to serve the university and the community at best.

We hope our page will be useful for you, and further details, please contact us via the communication channels.

 Dr. Yassir Al-Shubrami

Head of the Department of Contemporary Islamic Studies