Message from the Vice-Dean


وكيل الكلية للدراسات العليا


Welcome to the Vice-Dean's Office for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. The Vice-Dean's Office provides services related to postgraduate studies, scientific research and community service including qualifying faculty members, sponsoring them under scholarship programs , and helping them to get admission at renowned universities.

It also provides services related to promotions and scientific research including publishing in top scientific journals, brining to the library all necessary reference books, and conducting academic courses.

The Vice-Dean's  role in serving the community includes bridging the gap with local government institutions and contributing to community development through the Community Service Unit.

It is worth noting that an Innovation and Invention Unit was set up which helped in unifying the efforts and winning local awards.

The Vice-Dean's Office has the following units: the Postgraduate Studies Unit, the Scientific Affairs Unit, the Scientific Research Unit, the Community Service Unit, the Innovation and Invention Unit, and the students’ library.


Dr. Hajed Al-Otaibi

The Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research