Message from the Head of Department

فهد الشراري

The Department of Chemistry at the College of Sciences and Humanities at Hotat Sudair - Majmaah University is pleased to present this website for the department, which explains to the honorable browser of the site the origins of the department and the latest developments and amendments to its academic programs and study plans. The Department of Chemistry is considered one of the important departments in the college because it began its journey with the establishment of the college in In the year 1422-1423 AH, he is working to create and install an academic scientific program that keeps pace with the continuing global development in chemistry by facilitating and simplifying academic scientific education and ensuring that it is delivered with high quality.
This website includes an explanation of the department's goals, vision, and mission, in addition to information of interest to female students wishing to major in chemistry, and a complete description of the department's courses. I hope that this guide will achieve the desired benefit

Dr. Fahad Al-Sherari

The Head of the Department of Chemistry