Achievement of Planning and Development Unit

  1. Review the college operational plan for the year 1436-1437 and identify unfinished initiatives
  2. prepare the college operational plan by adding more initiatives and activities for the year 1437-1438
  3. schedule the tasks of following up the college operational plan
  4. Contribute in preparing the final report of the college operational plan for the year 1437-38 AH.

The college strategic plan report (1438):

The final report of the college first strategic plan for the year (1438) was prepared according to the form sent by the Vice-Dean’s Office for Quality and Development. The report featured the following:

Strategic and future initiatives:

  1. Courses in public speaking and communication skills in English
  2. Create environment to activate research at the college
  3. Train students how to write a research
  4. Encourage faculty members to activate student activities
  5. Approve a mechanism of distributing students to different majors
  6. Form strategic partnerships between the college and civil society institutions
  7. Design a training program for civil society institutions
  8. Encourage humanitarian research
  9. Establish a research center
  10. Establish a center for studies