Overview of the Department and Study System

  • Computer Sciences Department is among the earliest departments founded at the college. It was established at the beginning of the academic year 1432-1433H with the aim of meeting the labor market needs of having specialized cadres in computer sciences who are capable of keeping up with, not only the global technology development, but the social and economic changes locally and globally.


  • The academic degree granted by the department is (BSc)


  • System of academic study:

The study goes through 8 levels where she must pass all of them to graduate. The study unit distributed in the attached detailed plan is divided into three types of teaching methods, and they are:

    1.  lecture: This means that theoretical content is imparted in classroom using any available educational means.
    2. Practical: this means a hands-on training is provided in the laboratories (physics, chemistry, and computer) using any available educational means.
    3. Training: This means doing exercises of the course in classroom using any available educational means.