The College Council

The College Council: The College Council represents the main gate through which cross the bulk of what concerns all the College educational departments represented in the academic aspects, including for example: the recruitment of scientific personnel, the consideration of all the teaching members and their scientific upgrades, Scholarships for female and male assistants and lecturers whether at home and abroad, to check all what concerns the teaching members regarding their presence in conferences ,seminars, and training courses both at home and abroad, to consider all the academic affairs of the students which validity are to be linked to the board as stipulated by the system. Indeed, the board was formed depending on the decision (656) of His Excellency, the Rector in 10/20/1434.

The board members are as follows;

Dr, Tarek Bin Sliman Al-Bahlal as the Committee Chairman,

Dr, Omar Bin Salem Al-Saeidi as a member,

Dr, Abdul Aziz Bin Mohamed Al-Hamdan as a member,

Dr, Ziyed Bin Hamad Al-Amer as a member,

Dr, Achraf Bin Ahmed Al-Beklich as a member and the secretary of the board,

Dr, Mahmoud Jab-Allah Abdul Mawjoud as a member,

Dr, Mahmoud Hassan Chahata as a member,

Dr, Imen Abdul Al as a member,

Dr, Maha Bent Abdurrahman Al-Lifan as a member.


Actually, the Council enjoys a variety of prerogatives as stipulated by the system which is summarized and prepared in a publication issued by the college on the following link

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