Overview of the Department and Study System

  • About the Department

  • Computer Sciences Department is one of the modern departments in the college. It was established at the beginning of the academic year 1432-1433H. The Department seeks to meet the labor market needs of specialized cadres in computer sciences, to keep up with global technology development, and to face the social and economic changes locally and globally
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  • The academic degree in the department
  • Bachelor degree The system of the academic study: The study goes through 8 levels where student must pass all of them to graduate. The study unit distributed in the attached detailed plan is divided into three types of teaching methods, they are: lecture: to provide theoretical content in classroom using any available educational means. Practical: to apply practically what has been learned in the laboratories (physics, chemistry, and computer) using any available educational means. Training: to do exercises of the course in classroom using any available educational means.