Closing program for staff and student activities

The vice-dean for student affairs, represented by the College Student Club, organized the “final meeting for the college’s staff and the program for closing activities of students” on Monday.

The event featured speeches by the vice-dean, Dr. Tahani Al-Zakri, and Ms. Badria Al-Otaibi.

A video presentation of the student activities programs was also presented. The program concluded by honoring the following:

Students participating in the Holy Quran and Sunnah competition.

Students participating in the fourth student forum.

Members participating in training students who took part in the Fourth Student Forum.

Students of the Student Club.

Effective department with student activities.

Active members of the student club.

Members participating in the student club activities.

Students participating in correcting recitation.

Staff who conduct training courses in the training unit.

Those in charge of exams.

Participants in the graduation ceremony.

Hemma Guidance Team

"The Guidance and Advising Unit" 

Participants in the Rafq program "Guidance and Counseling Unit".

Members participating in the Academic Advising Week.

Student Support Unit for activating the Academic Advising Week.

Members with masters and doctoral degrees and promotions.

Coordinator of the e-learning unit for her efforts during the distance education period.

The program aims to :

Motivating students to submit more outstanding work in the field of student activities.

Developing the spirit of cooperation among students and encouraging them to work in a team spirit.

Thanking members of the faculty, staff, and students who cooperated with the club.

Encouraging and motivating students to continue participating in all student competitions.

Strengthening social relations and spreading the spirit of harmony among the faculty members.






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