Training course entitled "Effective Communication Skills"

دورة تدريبية بعنوان "مهارات الاتصال الفعال"

The college club at female campus organized a training course entitled "Effective Communication Skills" on Sunday and Monday.

The course was presented by Ms. Tayseer Al Ghadhfan, and addressed the following topics:

- The concept of effective communication skills and its importance.

- The most prominent effective communication skills and their tools.

- Types of effective communication.

- Factors affecting communication skill.

- Barriers to effective communication.

- Rules associated with the art of dealing with others.

- Principles of successful communication.

- Qualities of a successful negotiator.

- Effective speaking and persuasion skills.

The course aimed to provide the trainees with theoretical information and the necessary skills in the field of effective communication, best means for the communication process, the factors influencing the process of persuasion and influencing others, and reading body language in a way that helps to understand the message clearly.



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Thursday, 03/November/2022