Academic Advising Week Activities for the First Semester 1444 AH

The educational affairs represented by the Student Support Unit, in cooperation with the scientific departments organized the "Academic Guidance Week activities for the first semester 1444 AH" from 22/2/1444 AH to 24/2/1444 AH. A virtual meeting was e following segments:

1. A welcoming speech by Dr. Tahani Al-Zakri, who encouraged students to adhere to the rules and regulations. 

2. A speech by Dr. Nora Al-Shehri, highlighting the importance of seeking knowledge. 

3. A message delivered by the coordinator of Student Support Unit, Dr. Fatima Amer, focusing on educating students about academic advising.

4. Dr. Dalia Al-Sadiq, Dr. Reham Al-Hammad and Dr. Mariam Adem talked about the three semester system.

5. Awarding outstanding students.

6. Ms. Alhanouf Al-Subait talked about the importance of student activities as an important stage in students' life

7. Q&A session 

The event also included workshops and activities. 


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