Program entitled "Meeting of the Ages"

The Department of English organized in cooperation with the College Club a program at female department entitled "Meeting the Ages". The program is a group of classroom projects related to the department's courses.

Ms. Enas Abdulaziz, supervised the three different projects which cover three courses A Comprehensive Survey of English Poetry, British Novel and Play, and Principles of Literary Criticism. The projects included three topics:

1. Analysis of lack of interest in reading literature such as literary novels compared to watching movies.

2. Criticizing Marvel characters and heroes who are role models for our children in the modern era to reveal the trick of followers without thinking.

3.Linking women's fashion for different eras with poetic inspiration by analyzing poems that talk about women's fashion in different ages.

The program aims to:

Benefit from English literature from different eras and linking it to the current era.

Hone students' talents in coordination, criticism, and individual and group work.

Improve students' skills in the four skills of English language.

Acquire the vocabulary of literature and criticism courses in a non-traditional.

The projects were presented in the Victorian style as a way to represent English culture to the audience.

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